NEW Business Uncapped ADSL PRO Accounts

Capital Design offers businesses the ADSL line they have been looking for, minimal throttling, High speed and low latency lines. Perfect for offices that have multiple users that all interact with the internet and internet based services all day that require stable speeds and maximum productivity.

Line Type Business Uncapped ADSL PRO
1Mbit R499pm
2Mbit R7499pm
4Mbit R1599pm
10Mbit R2099pm

About Business Uncapped ADSL PRO

What you need to now about Business Uncapped ADSL PRO
Capital Design Bunsiness Uncapped ADSL PRO:

Throttling management on our Business Uncapped ADSL PRO accounts have been masterfully created and implemented specifically for High traffic environments in mind. Throttling is almost unheard of on these accounts due to the high tolerances set before any throttling occurs. Meaning your business has the fastest connection for your specific account speed with maximum productivity for a multitude of users with little to no throttling at all. These accounts are the Golden Standard for Businesses in Soth Africa.

Should you require faster Uncapped ADSL Speeds than 10mbits please contact us, We have higher tier pacakages available up to 40mbits.
T's & C's
All internet facilities provided by Capital Design are subject to the following terms:

  • - All activations take place within a 24hr period and is subject to having a non prepaid ADSL line installed along with an ADSL router.
  • - No contracts | You are free to cancel your services at any point with a month cancellation period applicable if cancellation take place after the 15th day of the month.
  • - All activations are subject to an activation fee.
  • - All ADSL accounts are subject to the acceptable use policy
  • - All accounts are administered via debit order.
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