Uncapped ADSL Accounts

Capital Design brings you High-Speed always on Uncapped Internet Services. With new improved 10day bandwidth monitoring systems in place to minimise unecessary throttling. You have never been happier with an uncapped ADSL line.

Line Type Home Uncapped ADSL Business Uncapped ADSL
1Mbit R199pm R349pm
2Mbit R249pm R499pm
4Mbit R399pm R829pm
10Mbit R649pm R1249pm
20Mbit R1249pm R2099pm
40Mbit R1599pm R3099pm

About Uncapped ADSL

Differences Between Home & Business Uncapped ADSL
Home Uncapped ADSL is prioritized for the Home environment. Perfect for school projects, general browsing, emails, facebook and general downloads.

Business ADSL caters for all things business, bandwdith prioritization is focused towards business orientated internet use, such as VOIP, emails, Skype, and is great for online gaming from 4mbits upwards.
Why choose Capital Design Uncapped ADSL
Capital Design Uncapped ADSL's throttle management in unsurpassed with bandwidth monitoring happening on a preceeding 10 day basis. Your averege internet usage is monitored for the last 10 days. This means, that should you be throttled today for usage it will not take the rest of the month or a predefined time period for your line to be unthrottled, if by day 3 after your throttling has taken place, the system recognizes that your usage is within acceptable usage for the last 10 days, your account is automatically unthrottled. Just anaother way Capital Design brings you better faster internet.
T's & C's
All internet facilities provided by Capital Design are subject to the following terms:

  • - All activations take place within a 24hr period and is subject to having a non prepaid ADSL line installed along with an ADSL router.
  • - No contracts | You are free to cancel your services at any point with a month cancellation period applicable if cancellation take place after the 15th day of the month.
  • - All activations are subject to an activation fee.
  • - All ADSL accounts are subject to the acceptable use policy
  • - All accounts are administered via debit order.
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