Capped ADSL Accounts

INTRODUCING | Additional free GB's for browsing between midnight and 6am |

Capital Design brings you High-Speed always on Capped Internet Services. Our Capped accounts are in the top 2 fastest ADSL lines available to the public. With high speed tiers and priortitized bandwidth, our products service every user from the home users utilizing facebook and general web browsing right through to online gamers. Have a look at our Packages and contact us to sign up today.

# Of GB's Home ADSL Business ADSL
5GB's ( + 10GB's after hours ) R59pm R79pm
15GB's ( + 30GB's after hours ) R109pm R139pm
40GB's ( + 80GB's after hours ) R199pm R249pm
60GB's ( + 120GB's after hours ) R289pm R379pm
90GB's ( + 180GB's after hours ) R419pm R539pm
120GB's ( + 240GB's after hours ) R559pm R699pm
200GB's ( + 400GB's after hours ) R899pm R1239pm
300GB's ( + 600GB's after hours ) R1349pm R1799pm

About Capped ADSL

Differences Between Home & Business ADSL
Home Capped ADSL is prioritized for the Home environment. Perfect for school projects, general browsing, emails, facebook and general downloads.

Business ADSL caters for all things business, bandwdith prioritization is focused towards business orientated internet use, such as VOIP, emails, Skype, and is perfect for online gaming.
Why choose Capital Design ADSL
Capital Design ADSL is among the top 2 fastest available internet lines to the public in SA, with optimized line speeds, supported by a World-Class backbone, high speed and low latency, great for gaming, all on a monthly ad-hoc basis that can be cancelled at any time.
T's & C's
All internet facilities provided by Capital Design are subject to the following terms:

  • - All activations take place within a 24hr period and is subject to having a non prepaid ADSL line installed along with an ADSL router.
  • - Bandwidth Accounts of Up to 400GB's available.
  • - No contracts | You are free to cancel your services at any point with a month cancellation period applicable if cancellation take place after the 15th day of the month.
  • - All activations are subject to an activation fee.
  • - All ADSL accounts are subject to the acceptable use policy
  • - All accounts are administered via debit order.
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